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Don't Wander Through This Glassy Surface

Expecting To Find More Than Me

13 March
I'm Taylor Hanson of the band "Hanson". I play piano, guitar, drums occasionally... and I'm married to the wonderful Natalie *mwah* and I have a son named Ezra who lights up my life.

(Okay, not really Taylor Hanson. Just a teenage girl with too much free time on my hands. Because pretending to be celebrities is the most efficient use of time. ever.)
1980's music, 3cg records, acoustic music, am i dating michelle?, applause, ashley-greyson-is-an-ass, asking-crowds-how-they-are-doing, being confused, being ditzy, being married, being spacey, being-in-the-best-band-ever, bryant, candles, cartoons, cds, christianity, cigars, clapping, dancing, dancing akwardly, dancing badly, doc martens, doing interviews, dr. pepper, dreaming, drinking, drums, ezra, ezra hanson, fanfiction, flipping off cameras, friends, from us to you, getting stalked, guitar, hanging with my brothers, hanson, hanson.net, having a baby, having scary fans, hugging, indie record labels, insane fans, isaac hanson, jessica simpson, johnny lang, jumping-up-and-down-while-playing-keyboards, kate tucker, keyboards, kissing, knowing useless information, love, making documentaries, male fashion, maroon 5, meeting fans, microphones, middle of nowhere, mini vans, mmmbop, moaning, my brothers, my hair, my hanson ring, nat hanson, natalie, natalie anne, natalie is hot, not puff broccoli, not using contraceptives, partying it up, phantom planet, piano, reading sam's fanfic, sarcasm, scarves, seeming-gay-but-not-really-being-gay, sex, shallow hollywood events, shoes, shrill teenybopper screams, singing, sleeping, smoking, tamborines, taylor hanson, taylors ass, the beach boys, the eagles, the ganja, the hanson hotline, the simpsons, this time around, toilets, touching my own ass, touring, trying to get buff, underneath, underneath acoustic, wearing pot leaf sweaters, wearing-headphones-while-on-toilets, where did johnny go?, why-are-my-user-icons-too-big?, wishing-i-had-more-free-time, writings songs, your illusion, zac hanson