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When aren't I busy lately? I want everyone off my ass (not that they… - Don't Wander Through This Glassy Surface [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 25th, 2004|10:42 pm]
[I am |crankycranky]
[that's my jam |"Joleen" -the White Stripes]

When aren't I busy lately? I want everyone off my ass (not that they are standing on it literally, but you know the expression, right?), I want to do nothing but spend personal and intimate time with Natalie, and playtime with Ezra. But, um, not at the same time... I mean, yeah, the same time, but not exactly the same time... why do I get myself into these akward situations whenever I talk?!

Every day is getting closer and closer to the release of Underneath, at last, after four damn years of waiting. I don't know why the world makes it so hard to release your art to them. It's like people want to stay all tense and worried about money and crap that doesn't matter.

Natalie... I love you so much. Your poem was beautiful. You should turn it into a song! You should open for us with just that song... then a second song where the only lyrics are "I love Taylor/He's a mega beefcake hottie" over and over!! Then you could hold Ezra from the stage for ten minutes, while the entire crowd would just "aww" because he's the cutest baby in the entire world!!
Actually, I'm not sure if I trust the fans that much that I'd want them that close to my son for so long. I worry, some fans are too fanatical. Like the ones that were upset about our wedding, instead of being happy that I'd found you and I was happy. That's not love for me, that's obsession, and making me into a fantasy, they don't really know me.

We're busy doing a lot of publicity type work... we're going to be in quite a few magazines in the upcoming months. Including Maxim, haha. And we're going to have a five page spread in Rolling Stone, that should be pretty awesome. We're going to be on a lot of talk shows, Leno again I think. And Conan O'Brien again- we haven't been on that show since 1998. That guy is weird. But I made him laugh when I was doing my Puff Daddy impression, so that's pretty cool. Unless he was forcing the laugh, that wasn't cool. A lot of other shows as well, but a lot of them are kind of obscure and nobody watches them. :x
I wish getting music out to the world was easier sometimes. Then again, I don't want the entire world mobbing me because I'm so sexy they can't control themselves! :P

Ike is getting a little on my nerves these days... all three of us have been together way too long here in New York working on crap. We need to get out! Let me out! Zac is cracking too many sex-related jokes these days, that's starting to get on my nerves too. I don't want to think about Zac doing stuff like that, he's my little brother! My siblings talking about sex too much is akward. Only you and I can do it and talk about it, Nat! :D

Love ya so much Nat! Kiss Ezra for me.